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MMA was first organized in by a group of Montessori teachers and administrators interested in creating a regional Montessori network. MMA's board of Directors is a volunteer group of administrators and teachers from member schools who meet throughout the school year to plan MMA events and manage the organization. MMA hosts an annual Head of School Networking meeting each winter, which the Heads of all member schools are invited to attend. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the board contact a board member for information. Meeting dates are posted in advance on this website in the "Events" section.

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Classifieds for Montessori Teachers

Maine Montessori Association Cultural Kits

The Maine Montessori Association grants $350 scholarships to be used by Maine Montessori Teachers for travel expenses and towards establishing a Cultural Kit for use in classrooms of MMA member schools. Applications are currently being taken. Scholarship guidelines and applications are available by calling Joe or Joanne Alex at 827-2404.

 1. RUSSIA - by Ticia Berube, Casco Bay Montessori School
 2. SOUTHWEST NATIVE AMERICANS by Barbara Cegalis, Island Montessori School
 3. IRELAND by Adele Carey, Kennebec Montessori School
 4. MEXICO by Amy Peterson-Roper, w/Bangor Montessori School
 5. CANADA by Joanne Alex, Stillwater Montessori School
 6. FAR EAST by Kathy Martin, Winfield Montessori School
 7. FRANCE by Joyce Mallery, formerly w/Hampden Montessori School
 and Anita Tassel, Bangor Montessori School
 8. NEW ZEALAND by Joanne Alex, Stillwater Montessori School
 9. THE MAYANS by Debbie Duplisses, Kennebec Montessori School
10. NORWAY by Joanne Alex, Stillwater Montessori School
11. CHINA by Martha and Donald Monahan, Northeast Montessori Institute.
12. NEPAL by Tracy Tyson, Montessori Teacher working in Nepal
13. TURKEY by Elizabeth Schaab, Bangor Montessori School
14. SOUTH AFRICA by Meg Kerr, Brixham Montessori Friends School

All kits (except for Ireland and the Mayan kits which are stored at Kennebec Montessori School in Fairfield) are stored at Stillwater Montessori School in Old Town. To reserve any kit, please call Joe or Joanne Alex at the number above and they will make the arrangements for you to get the kit. Thanks!

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